An image of a wheelchair bound person came to mind tonight. I was trying to sleep and my mind was halfway there and I began to pray with unrecognized intensity. First, for a compassionate heart for those with cerebral palsy and that if a loved one were to acquire this condition, I would love them deeply. And then Sarah (30ish now) from W. P., where I had one of my nursing placements popped into mind then, and into my prayer. She has been a patient at the Long Term Care facility since her late teens, and one of the few younger than 60. The re-collection of her smile and enjoyment of food fights was so vivid. I began to pray for great faith to rise up within her and healing to be poured out, in Jesus’ name. Amazing how the Holy Spirit can allow one to get real specific and real broken for another. Such things are worth losing a little sleep over. May that always be the case for first, myself and for us all.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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One thought on “Sarah

  1. It’s amazing what God does to us sometimes. I’ve experienced times when I lost sleep or even didn’t sleep because of endless thoughts racing through my head that caused me to pray prayers that I normally would not have the strength or patience for. Times like these are not only a gift, as I see it, but a chance to become closer to Him who gave us the privilege to talk with God and have that personal relationship with him. Praise God for that, and I pray that God would touch the lives of those people with cerebral palsy and that He would use their illnesses to bless those who live or treat them. God has the power to heal them because he is the Great Physician, but ultimately it is his will. My heart goes out to those who are sickly; they too will be blessed.


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